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Ross Geoghegan ross.geoghegan at tcd.ie
Thu Nov 23 10:32:37 GMT 2006

Barry McMullin has asked that I write a brief intro note to explain my
interest in e-Accessibility in Ireland.

My background is e-Business and web development. I introduced web standards
into the development company I worked at - initially from a production/ease
of maintenance stand-point but quickly realised the benefits of such
techniques in delivering universal accessibility. Thanks to Barry and others
accessibility and compliance became a live issue (and still is!) for public
and private sector companies - so we picked up a lot of business.

One of the websites we developed was TextAccess. This was to be a
meta-catalogue of alternative format resources in HE Institutions for
students with a print disability; although seen as a 'disability' initiative
it failed to achieve buy-in from the librarians that could make it a
success. During that time Hugh O'Neill moved to the CRC and I applied and
got his demanding Assistive Technology Officer job here in Trinity.
(sorry not very brief this, is it!)

Anyway, aside from day-to-day technology support of students with
disabilities and the need for the odd piece of technical advice. I am
currently working on/interested in:
- a proto-type system to standardise the needs assessment of students with
- trying to resuscitate the Text Access initiative, trailing a new workflow
to upload e-Texts to our Institutional repository; publishing the meta-data
globally but allow controlled access and downloads (locally initially)
- interested in any initiatives stop us from having to go the Alternative
Formatting route:
* Sharing alternative format materials created already
* getting e-texts, PDFs and ultimately DAISY/XML from the publishers
* impact of the disability act in this area (are publishers suppliers?, are
libraries suppliers?!)
- universal curriculum design and e-learning delivery (the Open university
is an inspiration!)
- learning technologies/lateral use of (consumer) technology as asssitive

That's me!

Ross :)


Ross Geoghegan  (ext. 2903)

Assistive Technology Officer

Student Disability Services

Room 2054 Arts Building

Trinity College Dublin

Direct Line: 01 8962903

Main Office: 01 8963111


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