[Irl-dean] Accessibility of PDF Format Resources?

Barry McMullin mcmullin at eeng.dcu.ie
Thu Nov 23 15:51:06 GMT 2006

Hi Josh -

On Wed, 22 Nov 2006, Joshue O Connor wrote:

> [...]  but
> PDF has a disadvantage over HTML in that the tagging of the document
> *must* be rigorously checked to ensure that it is correct.

Could you elaborate on this a little?  I'm not sure I understand
how PDF has any stronger requirement here than HTML?

> [...] in terms of the message given to the public sector I have
> to strongly suggest that we sing from the same hymn sheet on
> this one and the first line of that should be, 'Offer both and
> accessible PDF and accessible HTML'. Lets not worry about the
> _how_ of this one yet but I would suggest sticking to this as a
> principle.

You've got my vote <wink>.

> [...] It would be a good idea to get all our duckys in a row on
> this one and maybe through a group like Irl Dean promote a
> recommendation?

Yep, that would be great; but I would be a little cautious in one
respect.  While it is good and useful that, here on the mailing
list, we have open discussion of experiences with particular
vendor products, I would have a real problem with any kind of
formal "recommendation" that mentioned particular products or
vendors. (Indeed, I have *very* severe reservations about the
widespread practice, in the Irish public sector and elsewhere, of
providing free advertising, and therefore implied endorsement,
for just one particular product and vendor in relation to PDF
reader technology...)

Best - Barry.

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