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Hi, Paul,

You suggested a social event sometime in the not too far future ...

be careful, you now know what to expect from Dr. Magennis ... !!!

[PW] Gerry, you missed the Firefox party, it was quite good with some good
people in attendance from Google, Amazon, AOL, IBM, Microsoft, Trinity, Bank
of Ireland, HP, Colgate, ilikecake and others. Free bar all night too,
courtesy of Segala again!

BTW, the Firefox party last week in London was great too, it was hosted by a
very good friend of mine who maintains www.spreadfirefox.com - the
development community Web site. 100 million downloads and 10% market share,
second only to Internet Explorer, in 2 years isn't bad eh.

FYI, these parties were (are) a great opportunity to discuss accessibility
with some good key people in an informal environment. IMHO, this is the most
effective format for spreading the word for accessibility.

I'm in Dublin on the 5th and 6th and will be at the event in DCU. Let me
know if anyone fancies catching up over a coffee :)

Prepare yourself for a few more emails. I'm keeping them separate so you can
keep track of the threads through the subject (unlike this one).


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