[Irl-dean] Do you want to help promote standards to companies in Ireland?

Paul Walsh, Segala paul at segala.com
Mon Dec 4 13:51:39 GMT 2006

Great to know that it's getting so much support already!

As a nasty quick fix, I have published a spreadsheet on Google where you can
sign up. I'll publish something more accessible as soon as I get a chance
over the next few days. If the spreadsheet isn't accessible to you please do
let me know. I'm very sorry for not publishing an accessible document
straight away but I'll provide as much support as required by email and

If you're interested in helping to setup the UPA please fill in the form at

To learn more about the UPA please visit http://www.upassoc.org/ 

FYI. I know Catriona Campbell, founder of the UPA England. Catriona is also
founder of Foviance [1] (previously known as The Usability Company). She
helped the RNIB setup its accessibility consultancy arm in the UK also.
Chris Rourke, MD of User Vision, [2] is founder of UPA Scotland. User Vision
is a Segala Certified Partner for accessibility, so I know him very well
also. Oh, I'm Chair of the British Interactive Media Association - trade
association for the digital industry in the UK. So, we can collaborate with
the UK a bit more on usability and accessibility and be more proactive on
knowledge sharing.

The UPA is a formal Professional Body so it will be a great opportunity for
you to make a difference whilst raising your own profile. It's likely to
become a focal point for media and analysts looking to a formal source of
information on such matters.

[1] http://foviance.com/
[2] http://uservision.co.uk/ 

Thanks again

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Greetings everyone,

I'm helping a friend (Rotan) from a company called Mobile Aware [1] in a
quest to promote the adoption of standards in Ireland. It is supported by
Enterprise Ireland so should attract a lot of much needed attention. So, if
you are interested in helping to promote standards then let me know. Like
Segala, Mobile Aware is heavily involved in various W3C initiatives.

Again, I'd like to call companies/people that would like to be one of the
first members of the Usability Professionals Association in Ireland. I'm
setting this up in the new year and looking for 10 signatures. Please get in
touch if you'd like to learn more.

Please let me know if the Web pages referenced in this email aren't
accessible to you and I'll send the information in an alternative format.

[1] http://www.mobileaware.com/management_team.jsp 

Paul Walsh
Segala, CEO

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"I believe that all website owners, website developers and accessibility
agents should consider the use of Segala as the accessibility certification
- Peter Abrahams, Bloor Research, Sept. 2006. 

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