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Wordpress can use Markdown syntax (as well as a GUI) which is a nice may of
teaching users not to use a GUI (where you tend to get problems as people
paste junk in from Word (if using IE not through Firefox)). You write html
in a sort of email style syntax
For example

* this is an unordered list bulleter
* this is another one
* this is a third

These **words are bold** 

This is a [hyperlink](http://www.hotmail.com)

Wordpress (is good and extensible if you have some PHP experience)

Markdown (can be implemented through perl/PHP.. And even JAVA)

BBEdit a text editor for Mac is also capable of converting markdown into
clean XHTML
(if very simple template site)

As an aside - I came across Ning.com - a rather strange/interesting idea
like drupal only its open source so users can clone it and tweak and post it
back up... But you can drag your files (photos/posts) from one to the other.



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We have evaluated both Terminal Four and pTools (another Irish CMS
vendor) for different government clients, and found that both are capable
(with the appropriate configuration) of generating accessible pages.
However, without appropriate user training, it is also quite possible to
generate inaccessible pages with them.

The Open Source CMS Drupal is used by the NCBI for its relaunched website,
and is accessible.
I believe Mambo and Joomla, two other popular Open Source CMSs, also claim
to be either accessible, or planning to become accessible.

Moodle, an Open Source Learning Management System, is also building in
accessibility, and these features are in versions 1.6 and 1.7, I think.

Eamon Costello wrote:
> I would like to ask the list if they have any thoughts/experiences on
> accessibility of Content Management Systems (CMSes).
> I've been hearing talk, in an Irish context, about Terminal Four but would
> also be interested to know if anyone has come across anything open source
> note.

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