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I still say you should have a look at Wordpress - as the backend is XHTML
which should alleviate a lot of the problems and the input form as well as
supporting markdown, textile, you can paste straight html in there also.
You can also set up workflow - contributors authors etc. if you needed to
adapt it and had some developers time its PHP and very well supported.
also lots of APIs for flickr
Yes it is more blogging but it can be made into a CMS - they have 'pages' as
well as posts.


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Hi Eamon, 

There are 2 different issues when considering CMS accessibility:

1. The (X)HTML output from the CMS (the website).
2. The CMS interface itself.

In the last couple of years many of the CMS vendors have addressed issues
with output - including all of the ones mentioned here - TerminalFour,
pTools, Drupal etc. In other words it's possible to create and maintain an
accessible website with these systems if you follow the WCAG during the
design process.

However the interface to the CMS is where accessibility issues are a bigger
stumbling block for users and developers. The challenge here is to design an
entire (web-based) application, process, flow and UI that can be used by
people with disabilities. In our experience no vendor has been able to do
this successfully yet, but there has been some effort in this area and one
would hope to see improvements over the next couple of years.

All the best,


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On 7 Dec 2006, at 10:49, Eamon Costello wrote:

Hi All,

I would like to ask the list if they have any thoughts/experiences on
accessibility of Content Management Systems (CMSes).

I've been hearing talk, in an Irish context, about Terminal Four but would
also be interested to know if anyone has come across anything open source of



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Take a look at the results of a recent international website 
accessibility test, as published today by the BBC.

Bob Allen

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