[Irl-dean] Accessible CMS

Eamon Costello eamon.costello at dcu.ie
Thu Dec 7 15:58:49 GMT 2006

Thanks to everyone for their comments. It's a lot of information to digest
at once! I was aware if the distinction between the accessibility of input
tools and output content but not of the relative levels of their development
in products. The real importance of the input tools is beginning to dawn on
me (re usability as much as accessibility). Content-creation is the big buzz
at the moment after all.

I use the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Moodle a lot. It's great in
some respects and can be infuriating in others. There were lots of functions
and usability features (in other VLEs such as WebCT) that I had taken for
granted when I started using Moodle only to notice they weren't there. A big
plus though, is its rapid development, and recent accessibility roadmap. It
supports different input formats such as Markdown (mentioned by some people
here) and also mathematical input with LaTeX (outputs a raster image with
LaTeX description in alt text). 

- Eamon

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