[Irl-dean] Use of GPS systems by vision-impaired users? Location information

Gerry Ellis gerry.ellis at feelthebenefit.com
Thu Dec 14 21:10:07 GMT 2006

Hi, bob,

I wonder have dublin bus or Irish rail made their stations or bus stops
available as GPs points of interest? If so, could they be shared in an
appropriate format for those using Loadstone or other GPs software?

take care,

gerry ellis

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Location information


You might be interested to know that Hugh, Bryan and myself here at CRC have
been working on a European project in this area for the last two years. The
system uses GPS and user-specific travel information conveyed to either a
Smart Phone or a PDA. The project has a number of trial sites, one of which
is Dublin.

We have had a number of users working on user trials over the last few

The Dept of Transport and the DTO are collaborating as are Dublin Bus, Irish
rail etc.

Regards and merry Christmas to all

Bob Allen

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Location information
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Gerry Ellis recently mentioned to me that he uses a handheld GPS system to
help him get around, and I also had to provide directions to a government
office for another person with a visual disability.

Does anyone know if many visually-disabled people use a standard GPS system?
They are now widely advertised by Dixons, etc.
Are there any reviews of TomTom, etc. from the perspective of a

I found reviews of special GPS systems on the RNIB website at
but these systems are quite expensive.

So to come to the point, when providing location information to an office,
should GPS co-ordinates be included as well?

On a more general point, what information should be provided on a good
location page? My suggestion (in no particular order) is:
a. Street address
b. Public transport options (bus routes, nearest stop, etc.)
    (Should a stage/stop number be included? Does this info help anyone?)
c. Car/taxi details (free/pay parking options, disablied parking
facilities, etc.)
d. How to get there on foot, including nearby landmarks, etc.
    (Should distances be included, e.g. distance from nearest bus-stop,
e. Opening hours
f. Wheelchair accessibility

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