[CEUD-ICT] Deque Systems is pleased to announce the Amaze DigitalAccessibility Grant

Fionnuala Rogerson fionnuala.rogerson at rogerson.ie
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If anyone has bright ideas about improving access to the web and would like to combine them with bright ideas about improving access to the built environment and portraying these through an acessible website we'd love to hear from them and maybe together we might win that $10,000!

The International Union of Architects work programme on "Architecture for All" is a voluntary programme which is developing an international award scheme for really great (meaning beautiful, accessible, friendly, usable etc!) buildings and environments. We need the same in a web site that can portray same. Two dimensional images never work and frequently tell lies! So whether the award is on or not maybe someone out there would like to help? 

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Are there any bright ideas out there for improving access to the web? 

The Amaze Digital Accessibility Grant is a grant for $10,000 that will be awarded to the applicant whose proposal best exemplifies an innovative technology or project that will contribute to making the web accessible.
For further details, please visit www.deque.com/amazegrant

I do not know if it is for U. S. residents only, but I reckon it is worth checking out.

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