[CEUD-ICT] Autism and eating disorders

Rachel Kane rmksigns at eircom.net
Mon Apr 29 11:23:40 IST 2013

Hi Barry,

this might be totally off the radar but we  run a parents advocacy group for parents, children and teens with IBD (crohn's & colitis) ireland. www.gutsykids.ie, it's not an 'eating disorder' but so far there is no cure for the gut attacking itself. A lot of the research seems to cross over, auto immune, environmental, genetics.

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On 29 Apr 2013, at 11:09, Barry Murphy wrote:

> Hi, 
> First time using this, bear with me. 
> Is anyone aware of resources/supports in the area of autistic spectrum disorders and eating disorders - something that looks at both. Ideally something geared towards supporting parents, a young teen, or both - thanks.
> Best,
> Barry
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