[CEUD-ICT] FW: "Seeking Your Input for Improving the Accessibility of Social Media in Government."

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I was at a meeting in Geneva last week and Brussels the previous week, so I
am only getting around to circulating this now.


Is anyone interested in supporting efforts to improve access to social
media? This is from the U. S. Government, but I think that, once it is
completed, the document mentioned below would help us here as well.



Take care,


Gerry Ellis


If you don't know where you're going,

How will you know when you get there?


From: Jackson, Linda - ODEP [mailto:Jackson.Linda2 at dol.gov] 
Subject: "Seeking Your Input for Improving the Accessibility of Social Media
in Government." 


Dear Friends,


I'm writing to ask for your support and input.  In collaboration with the
U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), ODEP has embarked on an effort
to make social media content accessible to all users, including people with
disabilities.  And because we want your perspective on this issue, I'd like
to cordially request that you go online to share with us your input and
ideas on social media accessibility -- and encourage others in your network
to do the same.  It should only take about 15 minutes of your time.   


As you know, I am passionate about accessible technology, which is paramount
to helping people with disabilities succeed on the job and deliver for their
employers.  And it's exciting to see more and more organizations using
social media to conduct outreach, recruit job candidates and encourage
workplace productivity.  However, not all social media content is accessible
to people with certain disabilities, which limits the reach and
effectiveness of these platforms.  

That's why GSA and ODEP are working to collect best practices that
government agencies, companies and individuals can use to ensure their
social media content is accessible to all who need it.  These efforts have
fostered an online toolkit called "Improving the Accessibility of Social
Media in Government," and because we highly value your experiences and
expertise on these issues, we hope you'll consider contributing to our
evolving draft.  

Simply visit the toolkit and post your feedback in the Comments section,
which appears in the footer of the web page. Alternatively, you can e-mail
us your thoughts at ePolicyWorks at dol.gov.  And please spread the word about
this opportunity to your colleagues.


Thanks in advance for contributing to this important discussion.  By working
together, we can ensure that social media platforms become tools of
inclusion, empowering all of us to excel and fully participate - in life,
and in the workplace.




Kathy Martinez





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