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Dear Gerry
Please find attached documentation which I hope will be of interest to you.
Kind regards
Brigid Barron

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I will be at what is called the m-Enabling Summit in Washington DC in June.
It is all about access to mobile devices and will include speakers and
participants from round the world. I will chair a session on testing mobile
apps. Details are found at:

The head of accessibility at Microsoft, Rob Sinclair, and one of his main
lieutenants, James Thurston, will both be there. I and a couple of others
plan to meet one or both, hopefully over dinner. I am writing to this list
to get an idea of the burning issues that need to be raised. Are people on
this list in discussion with Microsoft that I can bring to their attention?
I am aware of some issues, but I want to make sure that what is raised at
this meeting is in line whith what other people are raising.

I am not just asking this here, but in groups and on lists that I am
involved with in various countries. However, I want to bring the Irish slant
into this because of the importance of the Irish operation.


Take care,

Gerry Ellis

If you don't know where you're going,
How will you know when you get there?

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