[CEUD-ICT] Meeting with Microsoft

Tina Lowe tina.lowe at ucd.ie
Thu May 16 11:01:22 IST 2013

Hi Josh

Can I say that I thoroughly concur with this statement, Microsoft have been
left behind and they need to improve their accessibility features as we
progress in this area.

Enjoy the bash Gerry.

Kind regards
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Hi Gerry,

I just had a look at the m-enabling.com Summit and it looks like a 
really good shindig - so I hope you have a great time. You did ask a 
specific question about Microsoft and their platform. Really because of 
the nature of this conference, with a focus on mobile accessibility, I 
would say Microsoft are really just not players in this space and have 
been completely left behind by iOS/Android. Actually iOS/Android 
together make up ~ 91% of global market share as of Feb 2013 with the 
lions share of that being Android. [1] [2]

iOS accessibility is pretty excellent IMO (or at least leads the field), 
so most platform related work needs to come from the Android side, so I 
would focus on that if possible.


[1] http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS23946013

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