[CEUD-ICT] Introduction and eAccessibility Survey

Robert Huffaker robhuffaker at gmail.com
Fri May 24 13:22:22 IST 2013

Hi there everyone,

My name is Robert Huffaker and I am a PhD student at NUI Galway through a
Marie Curie Fellowship of the European Commission. I am currently on an
eAccessibility research programme. My bio is available at
www.roberthuffaker.com and I tweet accessibility-related posts at

My objective is to pinpoint the extra costs and benefits experienced when
organisations introduce and maintain accessibility in their websites,
mobile apps, and self-service terminals (ATM Machines).  I have created a
questionnaire for relevant organisations to answer with questions such as
"how much did you invest in accessibility" and "what are your returns
afterwards".  The study is similar to one that Dónal Rice worked on, in
case you are familiar with his work and my goals.

If you are interested in participating or forwarding it on to someone who
may be interested, the link is here:


I really like your mailing list and I look forward to seeing more
interesting posts to learn from.

Have a great weekend,

Robert Huffaker
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