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I met Albert and others FROM MyBlindSpot when I was in Washington DC recently. I think they do a lot of good work. Maybe you would consider supporting them by voting for them soon and often???






Take care,


Gerry Ellis


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Subject: Help My Blind Spot Make It to the Super Bowl!


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The Clear View News

September 18, 2013 

news from My Blind Spot 

Help My Blind Spot Make It to the Super Bowl! 

Dear Gerry Ellis,



We only have one week left! My Blind Spot is on the 10 yard line, hoping to make a touchdown, and we need your help.

We are part of a competition that will score us advertising time on national TV during this year’s Super Bowl. We are hoping to make it through the playoffs and make it all the way to the Super Bowl and win air time on the big screen.  If we make that touchdown, we will be able to draw national attention to the needs of our community.

My Blind Spot needs your continued support. Please vote for us and vote every day! Click on the link below, or cut and paste it into your browser to be taken directly to the voting page.


My Blind Spot is an organization dedicated to helping visually impaired individuals live, achieve, and prosper.  We have made tremendous progress and have exciting news to announce in the coming months.

Like Us on Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Blind-Spot/179273234423>  and become a fan, and please subscribe to our general updates list. Click the link http://myblindspot.org/mailing-lists/ or copy and paste it into your browser, to receive announcements and our newsletter, The Clear View News.

Please contact us, we love to get to know our supporters and fellow travelers on life’s journey.

Albert J. Rizzi, M.Ed.
Founder and CEO

“The person who says it cannot be done, shouldn’t interrupt the one who is doing it.”


To read the newsletter online you can visit this link: Help My Blind Spot Make It to the Super Bowl! <http://myblindspot.org/?lang=en&emtrck=ODEzMXxkZGYxOTk5NTQ3YmZkNjc4OWFmOGM0YTl8aHR0cDovL215YmxpbmRzcG90Lm9yZy9uZXdzbGV0dGVycy9oZWxwLW15LWJsaW5kLXNwb3QtbWFrZS1pdC10by10aGUtc3VwZXItYm93bC8%2FbGFuZz1lbg%3D%3D>  

Latest Newsletters 

·         My Blind Spot, Inc. to Enable Access to Intuit QuickBooks for the Blind, Visually Impaired, and Print Disabled <http://myblindspot.org/newsletters/my-blind-spot-inc-to-enable-access-to-intuit-quickbooks-for-the-blind-visually-impaired-and-print-disabled/?lang=en>  August 21, 2013

·         Macy’s Shop For A Cause Event <http://myblindspot.org/newsletters/macys-shop-for-a-cause-event/?lang=en>  August 2, 2013

·         Global Accessibility Awareness Day is May 9th! <http://myblindspot.org/newsletters/global-accessibility-awareness-day-is-may-9th/?lang=en>  May 9, 2013

Useful Links

·         Subscribe <http://myblindspot.org/?lang=en&emtrck=ODEzMXxkZGYxOTk5NTQ3YmZkNjc4OWFmOGM0YTl8aHR0cDovL215YmxpbmRzcG90Lm9yZy9tYWlsaW5nLWxpc3RzLw%3D%3D> 

·         Donate <http://myblindspot.org/?lang=en&emtrck=ODEzMXxkZGYxOTk5NTQ3YmZkNjc4OWFmOGM0YTl8aHR0cDovL215YmxpbmRzcG90Lm9yZy9kb25hdGUv> 

·         Contact <http://myblindspot.org/?lang=en&emtrck=ODEzMXxkZGYxOTk5NTQ3YmZkNjc4OWFmOGM0YTl8aHR0cDovL215YmxpbmRzcG90Lm9yZy9jb250YWN0Lw%3D%3D> 

·         Like us on Facebook <http://myblindspot.org/?lang=en&emtrck=ODEzMXxkZGYxOTk5NTQ3YmZkNjc4OWFmOGM0YTl8aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mYWNlYm9vay5jb20vcGFnZXMvTXktQmxpbmQtU3BvdC8xNzkyNzMyMzQ0MjM%3D> 

·         Like us on LinkedIn <http://myblindspot.org/?lang=en&emtrck=ODEzMXxkZGYxOTk5NTQ3YmZkNjc4OWFmOGM0YTl8aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saW5rZWRpbi5jb20vY29tcGFueS9teS1ibGluZC1zcG90> 

·         My Blind Spot <http://myblindspot.org/?lang=en&emtrck=ODEzMXxkZGYxOTk5NTQ3YmZkNjc4OWFmOGM0YTl8aHR0cDovL215YmxpbmRzcG90Lm9yZy8%2FbGFuZz1lbg%3D%3D> 

My Blind Spot

90 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004 
917.553.0347  212.858.5759 (fax)  info at myblindspot.org 


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