[CEUD-ICT] Motor skills and tablets

Eamon Mag Uidhir eamon at maguidhir.com
Thu Oct 17 10:08:16 IST 2013

The needs I'm trying to satisfy would be for non-touch navigation within 
content pages, including some select-and-activate interaction, with a 
small amount of user text-entry. It's  also implied that no new hardware 
beyond what the user would already have for working with the motor 
skills issue generally should be needed. My task basically is to ensure 
that nothing in the content (HTML5/CSS3/MP4) should hinder the use of 
the conventional A.T. approach for each of the disability domains, and 
in fact ensure that the content facilitates the use of the A.T. where 
this can be implemented in the shaping of the HTML5. My problem is 
figuring out what the best practice A.T.  for non-touch users of  
tablets is, so I can get the content to enter into dialogue with it.

I'd guess speech control of interface and navigation is one way for 
non-manual interaction, but an alternative might be some form of wand or 
switch technology. Does anybody know if these have been used 
successfully with tablets?


On 2013-10-17 08:49, Joshue O Connor wrote:
> Hi Pat and Eamon,
>> on the iPad it is very easy to use Siri to dictate our Facebook entry also email messages
>> in fact this whole message was sent
> But speech needs to be _very_ clear, before it will work. This was a
> problem that I encountered when I was working with service users in
> Enable Ireland using speech recognition software like Dragon. My clients
> often had cerebral palsy - and motor problems so it was on paper ideal -
> but often just didn't work as speech may not have been clear.
> This was 10 years ago. Has this changed? Dragon then had a 'learn'
> option to suit user intonation etc but it was very hit and miss IIRC. So
> with the clients I had, the 'cure' caused a lot of frustration and was
> ultimately abandoned.
> Dragon aside, has the vanilla speech recognition (a la Android and iOS)
> improved substantially? I use my Android phone in drive mode and find it
> pretty useless, you would think it would have 'learned' from me shouting
> at it ;-)
> Josh
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