[CEUD-ICT] Motor skills and tablets

Eamon Mag Uidhir eamon at maguidhir.com
Thu Oct 17 12:06:52 IST 2013

I'll always chase the U.D. solution first, before even considering 
"apartheid" separate and partial solutions for different kinds of people.

It's my belief there should not be any hardware platforms or operating 
systems still being produced in 2013 that do not welcome all comers 
without them having to first shell out five thousand dollars on an 
add-on.  [ web reference 
] But why is this eye-tracking facility, which seems from the video to 
work well enough, not native to the Windows 8 tablet experience rather 
than available only as a costly add-on? I would also insist Jobs should 
never have launched the iPad until it was ready for everybody.

I suspect all I am going to be able to achieve in this is to make the 
content entirely predictable by ensuring web coding standards 
conformance and WCAG 2.0 implementation. I would have liked to take the 
outreach to A.T. further at the coding level.


On 2013-10-17 11:33, Joshue O Connor wrote:
> Eamon Mag Uidhir wrote:
>> The needs I'm trying to satisfy would be for non-touch navigation within
>> content pages, [...]  It's  also implied that no new hardware
>> beyond what the user would already have for working with the motor
>> skills issue generally should be needed.
> Interesting use case, good luck with it, and if possible please do
> feedback with your findings, I'd be very interested in hearing more.
> Thanks
> Josh
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