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> On 17 Oct 2013, at 10:08 a.m., Eamon Mag Uidhir <eamon at maguidhir.com> wrote:
> The needs I'm trying to satisfy would be for non-touch navigation willl  I attached a number of a worker as an Apple reseller shop he is a good person to help with these questions 
mobile, +353 (87) 205 9029

his name is Ne
> content pages, including some select-and-activate interaction, with a 
> il
I hope this helps
> small amount of user text-entry. It's  also implied that no new hardware 
> beyond what the user would already have for working with the motor 
> skills issue generally should be needed. My task basically is to ensure 
> that nothing in the content (HTML5/CSS3/MP4) should hinder the use of 
> the conventional A.T. approach for each of the disability domains, and 
> in fact ensure that the content facilitates the use of the A.T. where 
> this can be implemented in the shaping of the HTML5. My problem is 
> figuring out what the best practice A.T.  for non-touch users of  
> tablets is, so I can get the content to enter into dialogue with it.
> I'd guess speech control of interface and navigation is one way for 
> non-manual interaction, but an alternative might be some form of wand or 
> switch technology. Does anybody know if these have been used 
> successfully with tablets?
> Eamon
>> On 2013-10-17 08:49, Joshue O Connor wrote:
>> Hi Pat and Eamon,
>>> on the iPad it is very easy to use Siri to dictate our Facebook entry also email messages
>>> in fact this whole message was sent
>> But speech needs to be _very_ clear, before it will work. This was a
>> problem that I encountered when I was working with service users in
>> Enable Ireland using speech recognition software like Dragon. My clients
>> often had cerebral palsy - and motor problems so it was on paper ideal -
>> but often just didn't work as speech may not have been clear.
>> This was 10 years ago. Has this changed? Dragon then had a 'learn'
>> option to suit user intonation etc but it was very hit and miss IIRC. So
>> with the clients I had, the 'cure' caused a lot of frustration and was
>> ultimately abandoned.
>> Dragon aside, has the vanilla speech recognition (a la Android and iOS)
>> improved substantially? I use my Android phone in drive mode and find it
>> pretty useless, you would think it would have 'learned' from me shouting
>> at it ;-)
>> Josh
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