[CEUD-ICT] FW: Ringing in the holidays with a special promotion

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Free access to Serotek products and services for two weeks detailed below ...

Their System Access screen reader was poor the last time I checked, but that was a few years ago. I wonder what it's like now ...

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Subject: Ringing in the holidays with a special promotion

Nothing kicks off the holiday season like Thanksgiving. Think about it: food, football, door buster deals, parades and plenty of justification for the Christmas decorations you never took down! Well, this year, Serotek is going to add one more bonus to make the gateway holiday even more memorable than usual.

Perhaps we should have come up with a name for it. But then, what do you call fourteen days of free, unfiltered, use all you can, where ever you want, whenever you want access to all of our Serotek consumer products?

That’s right. Starting Wednesday, November 27 you’ll be able to e-mail, chat, scan, entertain and socialize to your heart’s content. Existing customers do not need to contact us for trial access to products they do not own or subscribe to. The whole idea is that anyone can tap into our growing menu of services for the undisputed king of prices, free!

Self-restraint? What self-restraint. Some of us have already bought gadgets we probably didn’t need, but DocuScan Plus <http://www.serotek.com/docuscanplus>  will be right there to turn that printed manual into spoken word.

And speaking of words, spread this one: Socializer <http://www.serotek.com/accessibilityanywhere>  is a fully-featured platform that lets you reconnect with friends and family you may not see in person this holiday season. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Chat, Windows Live and several other popular options are fair game for this intuitive communications tool.

If conventional social networking is not your cup of tea, that’s okay. The Game Room and Sports of All Sorts voice chat rooms on SAMNet <http://www.serotek.com/samnet>  are a great place to exchange smack about your favorite football teams. Chat together over a hot cup of coffee in the café, or join your friends for a drink in the pub, 

What else can you do with our wide range of tools?

*	Use System Access and your favorite word processor to create your detailed Christmas list. 
*	Remotely access your home computer to review that Christmas list while you’re out and about.
*	Listen to hundreds of hours of described movies
*	Send text or voice messages using the world’s most intuitive e-mail platform
*	Swap Black Friday deals on our interactive forums
*	Figure out what to do with all those holiday leftovers by browsing SAMNet’s huge collection of great recipes. 
*	Crank up the tunes from hundreds of streaming radio stations. 
*	Access your previously scanned documents and many of your favorite SAMNet features from your iDevice.

We think you’ll be kept quite busy exploring all the world Serotek has to offer. Don’t believe us? Well, don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself. We dare you to find a more comprehensive set of services neatly packaged into one convenient bundle of awesomeness. Our products were built from the ground up to be used easily right out of the box, but customer service representatives will be standing by to guide you through any difficulties you may encounter.

Ready to get started? Download the latest Serotek software <http://www.serotek.com/downloads>  if you don’t already have it installed. If you do own Serotek products, just choose the shortcuts already on your desktop to launch the products you want to use, or access them by activating the System Access menu with modifier+f and choosing the appropriate option. 

Got questions? Send us an email at info at serotek.com or call us toll-free at (866) 202-0520. 

Happy holidays from the Serotek team!

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